Sunday, 7 May 2006

The Sultan's Elephant, London

A beautiful fairytale unravelled on the streets of London recently in a manner never seen before and never to be forgotten.

As reported by the BBC, the show began with a crashed space ship in Waterloo Place. (Note for our American readers - it's not a real UFO, there's no need to do an Orson Wells War of the Worlds type of panic - it's just a play!)

Out stepped a 5m (16ft) tall girl (a marionette) and so the story began.

Two years in the planning, the story tells of a time-travelling elephant and a little girl enacted out on the streets of London against the backdrop of famous landmarks.

The giant girl spent her first night sleeping (and snoring) in Horse Guards Parage in a giant deckchair before being woken by a 42 tonne, giant mechanical elephant showering her in water.

After walking through the streets of London together that day they spent the night together sleeping in Traflagar Square, watched by thousands of passers-by.

To see the full story from the creators Royal de Luxe visit The Sultans Elephant.

Images courtesy of the BBC and Getty Images. Thanks to Royal de Luxe for the show.
Below: Some lucky children were plucked from the crowd and carried along by the little girl. A true piece of magic in an otherwise boring, mundane life. More please!
Children balance on puppet's arms

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