Monday, 6 June 2011

How not to write a book...

If you don't want to write that book that's been in your head for the last 7 years, why not buy a business in a city 5 hours drive away and decide to slowly move house there, taking over a month to do so? Oh yeah, and pack everything single-handedly and move everything yourself over 4 weekends!!!

'You look tired...'
I did, and it's working marvelously. I'm not writing my book! OK, like my wife, you are probably thinking 'but he's posting this post at 2am????' Yes I am, but I have an excuse - I am tired so I have been working on the company website for the last 3 hours...

And before you say 'commit yourself to your book more!', let me explain. I spent 2 hours loading the car on Friday, drove for 5 hours, unloaded at two different places, then spent the weekend cleaning, shifting and reorganising the academy, slept on a miniature, semi-inflatable mattress each night then drove for 5 long hours  back home this morning.

Oh, and then I went to class and taught for a few hours. Oh, and cleaned up after my cats....

Did I mention dropping off and collecting my dog at the kennel?

So no, I am not writing my book tonight!!!!

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