Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ebook publishing - evolution or revolution?

I wrote this post having received a comment on Twitter from @InspiredQuill. I had posed this question:

'Am I in danger of missing the ebook revolution as it seems to be moving so quickly...?'

@InspiredQuill responded that 'it is an evolution, not a revolution'.

It made me think. I replied that it is an  'Evolution as it's a natural progression, yet a revolution as it's taking control out of the hands of the powers that be, & giving it to us! (the writers)...

What do you think?
Ebook publishing; evolution or revolution?

Monday, 17 October 2011

Do you Dream, or are you just a dreamer?

Do you Dream, or are you just a dreamer? 'Ah, but what's the difference?' I hear you say, 'apart from the capital D in the first question?'

Well, if you ask somebody what they dream about, they can interpret the question in two different ways...

  • First of all, there are the type of dreams that are your hopes and aspirations for the future. These are the dreams that you create, you decide on. You might dream of becoming a famous writer, or of being the next ebook millionaire. You might dream of meeting Natalie Portman (there I go again. Hi Nat!) or even Henry Kissinger... These dreams are man-made, they are your dreams and they are fickle. 
    Do dogs Dream?
  • Then there are Dreams. Now, these are the Dreams that happen to you when you are asleep. These Dreams you have no control over. These Dreams are not man-made, these Dreams are sent to you. A lot of work and effort goes into each and every one of them and these Dreams deserve a capital D. So it is important that you pay attention to your Dreams. They are, after all, sent to you for good reason...
So I ask you again, do you Dream or are you just a dreamer? If you remember your Dreams (and we all Dream, several different Dreams a night) then ask yourself these questions...
  1. What did I Dream about last night?
  2. Why did I Dream that? I mean, what is the purpose of such a Dream for me?
  3. Have I ever Dreamt a Dream that was clearly meant for somebody else, such as a Dream in a language I can't actually speak?
  4. Is there any Dreams I remember particularly well?
  5. Did I ever act on a Dream? If so, what was the result?
  6. Finally, why do I think we Dream at all?
Any comments regarding these questions would be greatly appreciated.

And don't forget, the next time you write the word 'dream', be sure to differentiate which dream you are talking about. If you mean to say 'Dreams', then give it the respect it deserves and use a capital D!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Add another year to my life, please...

Because that's how long it should take me to write up my new idea for a book!

Yes, yet to finish one of my other ten books, I was busy minding my own business the other day and up pops this latest idea. It's so difficult to keep them at bay.

So I have to add it to the list, and I've decided to call it Bob and Me. So what's it about? I'm not saying, but you might be able to guess from my Bio!

So, that's now ten years of writing lined up, if I can cut down on the day job that is...