Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ebook publishing - evolution or revolution?

I wrote this post having received a comment on Twitter from @InspiredQuill. I had posed this question:

'Am I in danger of missing the ebook revolution as it seems to be moving so quickly...?'

@InspiredQuill responded that 'it is an evolution, not a revolution'.

It made me think. I replied that it is an  'Evolution as it's a natural progression, yet a revolution as it's taking control out of the hands of the powers that be, & giving it to us! (the writers)...

What do you think?
Ebook publishing; evolution or revolution?


  1. I think the fascinating thing with this (r?)evolution, is the fact that both sides of the fence tend to get rather defensive about it. That is, the publishers are moaning that their bottom line is...well...bottoming out, and the self-pubbed people get defensive when people mention gatekeepers.

    Yes, I may be a publisher, but I think self-publishing is a fantastic idea for some individuals. What I can't seem to understand is why so many people see it as either a miracle or a threat...very few of us seem to be able to look at it as augmentation.

    I'm genuinely excited by all of this new technology, whilst at the same time, I adore traditionally published paperbacks. Admittedly, I do get a little bristly when individuals try to say that 'traditional publishing is dead', and that it has absolutely no use anymore. Saying such things are just short-sighted.

    I do have a theory that this is rather cyclical, however.

  2. Well I think that is a Revolution for the reader and Evolution for the writer. Evolution from the traditional way that years before would be imposible for ar unknown author to atract the interest of the Editorial World (Most of it because of the painful subjetc called "Printer agenda and Budget for publishing". Now, Authors are introduced and if the story caught the attention of the readers, Printed editorial proceeds to make offers to the author.

    Greetings and happy sunday.

  3. Can't it be both? I think that as of right now it qualifies as either. Interesting thought...

  4. IT is both. It is a evolution of technology an in a real way has given power to the authors.

  5. eBooks have been around longer than people think - they've only become "big" in the last couple of years. So I'm going to go with evolution and I think we're still in the process of it - the change is still happening. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

  6. What is worrying is the pace that this is all moving at. When I started my first book (of The Dream Makers series) I hadn't even heard of eBooks (about 2004).
    Half way through my next novel 'Filthy Gorgeous' I began to hear of them, but thought that the very concept of ebooks was too high-tech, too specialist?
    Having toyed with the idea, bought a Kindle to see what all the fuss is about, I now know that eBook pubbing is my future.
    I do worry, however, that it'll all change by the time I get one of these books finished and ready for publication!
    Where will it all lead Kirsten?

  7. Evolution at the pace of technology can be considered a revolution; it's relative.

  8. I think, it is both for eBook publishing –evolution or revolution.


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