Thursday, 22 December 2011

Making up your own ebook covers, is it possible?

I'm an artistic kind of guy and fairly capable with the old computer but I certainly didn't have a clue where to start at making my own ebook cover. Somebody suggested I try Gimp Imaging Software, which is free. The only problem with such programmes is finding the time to learn how to use them.

But tonight I was too tired to write, so I thought I'd mess about with the programme a bit. This effort below took me about an hour to knock up. Be fair, it's a first attempt and I have never used Gimp before!

My first ebook?
Yes, I know it is too wide and doesn't conform to any ebook standards blah blah blah but hey, it looks OK for a complete novice's first attempt, doesn't it?

Then on the 2nd night I came up with this...

What do you think?

2nd attempt

Friday, 2 December 2011

Thnak you all!

I'm usually honoured with about 15 new followers a day on Twitter, as well as having numerous Tweets Re-Tweeted and so on and so forth. Being a nice guy who was bought up to say thanks, naturally I say 'thnaks' many times each and every day. And therein lies the problem...

Maybe it's because I have very little time and have to write quickly, maybe it's because I'm a crap writer, but whatever reason it is that causes me to say to so many people each day 'thnaks,' instead of 'thanks' is irrelevant.

Seriously, without you I'd have given up years ago.

I THNAK you all!!

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