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Final cover for End of the Road?

Number 1
End of the Road is a short (true) story and will be my first ever epublish attempt. It is being done on a budget, so this little cover (number 1) was created by myself in about 45 minutes. Good enough? What do you think?

(Updates from the comments made - thanks!)
No 2. I've added the 'copter to help with the perspective. It is a military tale set in the centre of the UK's principal military training area. My name has also been darkened, reflecting the colour of the sky...

With No 3 I've coloured and wonkied the text. The red is more dominant and picks out the red horizon, and the yellow in my name reflects that of the sunset.

No 4 has a silver heading, which looks really nice, and No 5 has the heli' moved across slightly...

(I can't seem to organise these images in the way I want to - thanks Blogger!)
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4
Number 5

Number 6

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  1. I like it, but I don't like it quite as much as the graphic you had done before. But that might be because this one has a different feel - the other was ominous, this one looks lighter. I would expect two different stories looking at the two different covers.

    Artistically, I also think it would be more effective if the book title was bigger than you name at the bottom, rather than smaller. Your name keeps drawing my eyes downward, away from the vanishing point of the road, which is where I should be looking, wondering where it leads to.

    1. Hi Abby and thanks. I hope the helicopter deals with this a little, pointing you to the end of the road.

      Ominous is what I am after too, as it is the moment before a catastrophic accident occurs, which causes me to finish with the one career and take up another...

  2. Hello Diem

    I like this a lot better than the first one. but you need something in the sky to indicate 'the end of the road'. I liked the helicopter but it would be great if it was facing out from the book as if it was blocking the road. You could also create a much better texture for the clouds in the background, maybe a dawn glow of orange or something?

    1. Hi John
      The original picture had a bright orange sky which I got rid of! (Except the bit around the sun). It is actually dusk that the incident occurs which is what I am trying to show...

  3. I can't decide between the first two. I wasn't big on the helicopter at first but it grew on me.

    Abby mentioned your name drawing her attention. It was the sun for me (which is what you were going for?) Though in the covers with the alternate name/title colors and layout those threw me off.

    Both of them are great! I'll give it some more thought and see if one stands out.

    Here is a link to my first (and only) ebook I published so you can see my cover. It was a very rushed job as I had to submit it for something and never went back to fix it. But I think it was pretty good.

  4. Hi Patrick, yes, a good cover. I do like black book covers!
    The helicopter is the wrong type, as we didn't have them back then - although nowadays you see them in the area all the time from the nearby Army Air Corps base.

    The sun and heli both follow the white lines to end of the road, where something terrible happens, and the sun helps to blind you as to what exactly this is.

  5. I like #2 but with all the text in yellow. It shows up better. I don't like the ones with the wonky title.

    I also agree that your name at the bottom should be smaller.

  6. Personal preference - no 2. I don't like the wonky 'of the'. But do like the helicopter.


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