Monday, 6 February 2012

A, B or C?





  1. I think the font you have for A is much better. I'd have the books title about 2.5 tiles bigger to help fill that sky. I like the font a lot. Possibly also use the previous plainer font for your name as a contrast. I liked the previous yellow glow as it also lights up the road. I'd try and find a background skyline that had more depth of texture (over the flat grey you now have. Something like a dawn or sunset. I think the lens flare you have in C is very cool and would add it to A. I hope that makes sense?

    1. That's great advice John, although, as an absolute beginner I'm not sure how to add a more interesting/dramatic sky!!

      I can try out the text advice when I can though... as well as the flair.
      Thanks again!

  2. I tried to comment via phone but it must not have gone through. But I voted for A! I agree with John about the font being much, much better. It seems to fit somehow.

    I think A is perfect. For some reason it all just comes together nicely.

    1. That's great Patrick, thanks. I must admit, the font at the bottom is beginning to irritate me now - it seems blurred. I think I will do as John says and re-font my name.


  3. I like A! The balance is better and I like the font. I also agree with John that the lens flare in C is nice, and I would add it to A. Maybe make it just a bit less prominent is all, so as not to distract from the sun.

  4. OK Abby, thanks. I'll give it a go - keep posted!


Thank you!

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