Thursday, 26 April 2012

Book blurb for End of the Road (first draft)

Ruing the day he joined the British Army, bored soldier Corporal Dave Burden has just twelve short months left in the army in which to find a new civilian job. The clock is ticking away, and with the added burden of responsibility in the form of a new wife with a child on the way, he has absolutely no idea what he is going to tell his boss at the dreaded pre-release interview next week.

Fortunately for him, an idyllic outing quickly spirals into a day of tragedy. It was a day in his life he’d rather forget, a day full of horror and grief. On that fateful day a seed was planted, a seed which should never have seen the light of day. That seed only needed a slight amount of nurturing to begin its life, and that nurturing came from the most unexpected of places, as indeed did the damned seed...

Based on true events, END OF THE ROAD is the first part of THE ROZZERS series, a collection of five contiguous short stories by new British author DIEM BURDEN.

Look out for COPS DON’T RUN, part two of THE ROZZERS series, out soon...

(just for Chris @celwelsh !!)

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