Friday, 11 May 2012

Why I'm not asking you to buy my 1st ebook

I've worked damned hard to get this first book out. I want it to sell and to sell well. Eventually, I want to be able to give up the day job and commit full time to writing all the books that I have lined up. So why aren't I promoting my first baby? Why don't I want it to sell just yet?

That's easy. If you buy it and like it, you won't buy anything else from me. The reason? I don't have anything else to sell you just yet, and by the time I do, you might just have forgotten about me!

Do not buy my book!
Once I have written the next four parts to The Rozzers, each priced at 99c, I'll put them all together in a collection for $2.99. Then I'll gladly give you End of the Road! That's right, it'll be free. And the reason being is that if you like it, you'll want to buy the next 4 books, which will all be available as a collection. So if you buy that instead of the 4 individual books, you'll save yourself $1. You'll buy the collection, and not the individual books, I know you will. Of course you will, don't get defensive, we all do that!

That works for me though, because I'll earn more royalties that way. If you were to get the 1st book for free, then the next 4 books at 99c, I'd earn less than if you got the freebie, then bought the collection afterwards, saving yourself a quid. We'd both win.

Once that collection is out there, I'll start actively promoting End of the Road. In the meantime, I won't get upset if you do buy the first book, but only if you do forget me later!

The only active promotion I will be doing is encouraging my readers to leave a review if they liked the book. And what's wrong with doing that?

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