Monday, 15 October 2012

When chilling out becomes productive

The idea was to disconnect, do some reading and generally recharge my batteries so that I return eager to get on with my writing. No writing, no work, just chill...

Big old farmhouse with jacuzzi (left)

Inner courtyard
This big, old, isolated farmhouse in the French Pyrenees is perfect for doing just that. On Friday night I lay in the outside jacuzzi (temperature 36.4) and stared up at the stars, emptying my mind. When you are in complete darkness, the stars come closer.

And then I realised. That story that had been mulling over inside of my head for the last three weeks was in fact another book to add to my list of must-write-soon books! Well, a series of three books actually. The working title? Dover Lord. That's another three years of life I'll be needing then.

The birth of a book. When do your babies come to you?