Monday, 15 October 2012

When chilling out becomes productive

The idea was to disconnect, do some reading and generally recharge my batteries so that I return eager to get on with my writing. No writing, no work, just chill...

Big old farmhouse with jacuzzi (left)

Inner courtyard
This big, old, isolated farmhouse in the French Pyrenees is perfect for doing just that. On Friday night I lay in the outside jacuzzi (temperature 36.4) and stared up at the stars, emptying my mind. When you are in complete darkness, the stars come closer.

And then I realised. That story that had been mulling over inside of my head for the last three weeks was in fact another book to add to my list of must-write-soon books! Well, a series of three books actually. The working title? Dover Lord. That's another three years of life I'll be needing then.

The birth of a book. When do your babies come to you?


  1. Dave, I am so jealous. Before I die, I want to stay in an isolated farmhouse in France. Or, even England! I can't think of anything more inspirational. Enjoy your time away.

    1. Jessie, when I get my house like this in France (after selling thousands of books!) you can visit!

      I might even run Writers' Retreats/workshops etc. I'd give you special discount of course!

      I am actually ruminating about doing this at that place in the photos. It has good conference facilities and just 3 beautiful double-bedrooms (so no big crowds).

      What do you think?

  2. I have decided to hold off marrying you until you buy this house. Just FYI. But I know what you mean about moments of inspiration and empty minds. Most of my stories are born when I'm drifting off to sleep. That only sucks because every now and then I get jolted awake by some writing epiphany or other, then I can't go back to sleep.

    1. Marry me? So what would you do for the family-sized, outdoor jacuzzi (top picture, between the trees on the left bottom of pic)?? Don't answer that!

      I do know what you mean, Jessa. What wouldn't I do to live in such a place?


Thank you!

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