Saturday, 3 November 2012

Why I'm giving all that hard work away - for free!

End of the Road took me several months of hard work to complete. It was also my first ever self-published book, so the learning curve was sharp. That was six months ago and that milestone was trumpeted across my on-line platforms loud and clear. I was dead chuffed. Cops Don't Run, part two of The Rozzers series, is begging to get the same treatment, and I hope to publish that soon.

Free? Yeah, like that is gonna change anything...

Dismal sales

Looking back at the dismal performance of my first ever book worries me not. End of the Road has been on sale for 0.99c and in that time it has been downloaded just 22 times. You see, it was never in my plan - nor did I expect - to sell this short story just yet. I'm laying the foundations for future sales.


I plan on publishing 15 more books outside of The Rozzers series - from adventure and high fantasy, to children's books among others. I'm sure that that number will increase over time. Part of my planning has always been to give this first book away. Why? So that it reaches a wider audience, increases reviews of it and leads to sales of the follow up book, Cops Don't Run.

Tonight, I changed the sale price to zero on Smashwords, which will filter through to Amazon shortly.

Big jump in page views!

Nothing to lose

What do I have to lose, after all? Over the last six months my book was 'viewed' on Smashwords, on average, once every two days. Just viewed, not bought, although it made a hand-full of sales on Amazon. Within hours of giving it away, those viewing figures jumped to 35 views. Effectively, two months worth of views in a few hours.

I look forward to monitoring this humble experiment and reporting back with details. If you'd like to get the ebook for free, then click on the relevant link below to take you directly to the book. If you're just interested in the experiment, check back in a few weeks time.


  1. Hi Diem. I've done the same thing with a short story I published for free with Smashwords (although I had to charge $.99 for it on Amazon since I didn't want to use KDP Select)and my novel, for which I charged $2.99. The novel is not a sequel to the short story, but both are cozy mysteries. I thought that offering a free sample might build up confidence and a bit of a following for my writing. Since publishing the free short story with Smashwords on Oct. 7, I've had 89 downloads. Since publishing the novel on Oct. 21, I've had 10 downloads and 4 sales. I'm working hard right now on garnering some reviews and hosting free e-book giveaway contests. Good luck!

    1. Hi CM

      I presume that Amazon price-matched Smashwords and bought the price down to zero?
      You are right about building up a following - small steps take you to great heights!

      Do you have a sign-up newsletter for those folk who are downloading your work? I can't recommend it enough, especially as you have had 93 'sales' so far. You only need a small percentage of those to sign-up to begin building your targeted following.

      Good luck with your contests but don't forget that the best method of selling is more writing!

      Get them out there, CM!


Thank you!

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