Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Book downloads update (January and February)

January was the first full month of giving my book away. Here is a breakdown of what happened.

January downloads

  • = 90
  •    = 60
  • Smashwords  = 5
  • Total giveaways = 155
Downloads in January averaged 5 per day.

I thought that might be it; surely there can't be more people interested in my little memoir..?

February downloads

  • = 71
  •    = 140
  •     = 2
  • Smashwords  =8
  • Total giveaways =221
Downloads in January averaged 7.9 per day.


I'm a visual chap, so I've broken those figures down into a graph, which I'll be posting here each month. As can be seen in the 1st graph, there is a considerable increase from January to February, particularly in the UK (see 2nd graph). I have no idea why.

To give an idea of where those downloads occurred, I've created this pie-chart. is responsible for over 53% of downloads.


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