Sunday, 5 May 2013

Neglected blog, aniversaries & the most beautiful village in France

6th May? Really? Bugger, it's been exactly 2 months since my last post! Call myself a writer?

The truth is work has burnt me out these last two months. End of term exams to set and mark, reports to write up and then a new academy/school to get ready. Writing, even that has taken a back seat of late.
Voted the Most Beautiful Village in France (for a reason)

The good news is my new book cover is almost ready. Professionally designed, it'll replace my humble effort on End of the Road. (No, I can't show you the cover just yet...) Whilst book 2 in The Rozzers series is complete I am taking a break from it (because I'm sick of it!!!). I will do one more rewrite later in the year and get it published.

My major task at the moment is importing a 50,000+ word #wip called Filthy into Scrivener. It's been fully imported and I'm busy editing it up to my current standards. (It was written several years ago when I thought that we used [ ' ] in place of speech marks [ " ].) With Scrivener, I should be able to get this baby finished.

My aim is to prep the thing for a month-long blast at finishing it. My wife is away for the month of August and whilst I have a few classes I expect the best part of each day to be spent working away on it. It's a challenge I am setting myself and only after this will I go back to The Rozzers.

Oh, and it has been exactly one year since I published End of the Road. Yikes, time to get a move on.

In the meantime, I found the most beautiful village in all of France. I'll have to go back there soon...

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