Sunday, 11 October 2015

Before Kicking the Bucket

1000ft over Cambridge

Heart attack

I was shocked to wake up the other day. Not because I woke up, but because it was my 50th birthday. 50th! How did that happen? It feels (and sounds) so old. My father died in his 50s from his second heart attack. It makes me a little nervous, and also focuses my attention on where my life is going, what I've achieved so far and if I could do something to make me more content.

I don't want to think about the dying bit yet, as I haven't finished with living! In fact, a long time ago I decided that there were some things I definitely wanted to achieve before that day came. I narrowed it down to five and I don't intend on dying until I have ticked them all off!

My top five

  1. a black belt in martial arts
  2. to qualify as a pilot
  3. to speak another language
  4. to publish a book
  5. to play a musical instrument
So, how am I doing?

My progress

Not in my top five
  1. I managed a brown belt in martial arts and went for my black belt, but due to a cock-up at national level it wasn't to be.
  2. I qualified as a pilot of light fixed-wing aircraft.
  3. I live in Spain and can communicate in Spanish, although not as well as I'd like to but I am still learning.
  4. I have now published four books and am working on the next 15!
  5. I bought a guitar, I self-taught for a few years and was progressing, but life has a way of intruding on guitar practice. It will happen one day.
How about you? Are you drifting through life with no overall objectives or are you, like me, working on those all-important goals? Before you kick the bucket...

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