Sunday, 4 October 2015

Why aren't you growing your newsletter sign ups?

A newsletter is a great way to get readers to your books, especially new releases. There are many newsletter providers available, and it is easy to find a free one.

I use MailChimp as I find it very easy to set up and run, and since adding a link to the back of my books I have seen it gradually grow. I currently have 31 genuine newsletter sign ups. It doesn't sound much, I know, but it is a start and it is heading upwards!

To encourage more people to sign up, I've decided to offer a free, exclusive ebook to people on my list. Once this is written, I will send it to those good people and set it up to auto-send to new sign ups as a thank you.

I hope to see the rate of sign up increase with this exclusive offer! I'll keep you posted...

(and just in case you are interested, here's mine ->>> Newsletter)

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