My SHORT bio

Early Life

  • Born 1965, middle boy of 5 in working class family in Midlands, UK. No phone, no central heating, nothing to entertain us except bikes and adventures and certainly no Health & Safety. Woke up one morning to discover my favourite Charlie's Angels poster frozen to bedroom wall (poor Sabrina). 
  • One special teacher instilled self-belief and confidence in me at Middle School.
  • Artistic talent flourished at High School.

Middle life

  • Dropped out of further education and joined army. Got married, had child.
  • After 6 yrs military joined UK police in Cambridge. Got divorced, met 2nd wife.
  • Left police and moved to Spain, teaching English.

Writing Life

  • Began writing blogs. Praise made me want to write a book.
  • Began writing biography of childhood. Praise made me want to keep on writing.
  • Woke up one morning in Cambridge and wife spoke of her perfect dream. My eureka moment. 
  • After knocking out two half-books of fantasy series got swamped with hundreds of book ideas.
  • Bought own business, writing takes back seat.
  • May 2012, finally publish first ebook (End of the Road).
  • Feb 2013, book hits #1 (Law Enforcement) & #6 in the UK (Memoirs)
  • Nov 2013, book 2 published (Cops Don't Run) 
  • June 2014, book 3 published (One for the Road)
  • Nov 2015, book 4 published (Thief Taker)


  • Still pending (I hope!)


  1. Brilliant short bio, Diem! And thanks, too, for your support on Twitter, etc. We expats in Spain need to stick together. :-)

    1. Thanks Sean, nice to hear it.

      No need to thank me for any support - something I've found on Twitter is that everybody gives amazing support to anybody!

      That's why it is so useful.


Thank you!