My Works in Progress (#wips)

I'm currently working on:

Cop Out (book 5 of 5 of THE ROZZERS series)

Word count target: 20,000+ each part. Genre: Police/memoirs

Part 1 (End of the Road) published May 2012, my first baby.
Part 2 (Cops Don't Run) published Nov 2013.
Part 3 (One for the Road) published in June 2014.
Part 4 (Thief Taker) published in November 2015.
Part 5 (Cop Out) in progress.

Prequel to above series: (Cop Stopper), an exclusive ebook only available (FOR FREE) to my newsletter sign ups!
Once the final book in this series is finished, I will release all five of them as a complete collection for just 2,99 as well as releasing it in print (my first print book!).

I will then turn my attentions back to my first full length novel Filthy.


On hold. Word count: 46,000. Target: 80,000. Genre: Action/adventure

My first full-length novel, inspired by actual events.
This book will appeal to anybody who has taught English abroad, those who live abroad and anybody in the teaching profession in general. Incredibly, all of the classroom incidents in this book actually happened, even the opening scene! Police officers will also appreciate the secret operation the character gets involved in.

If you have lived in Spain for any period of time, you will certainly sympathise with the protagonist's views of living there.

Dover Lord series

This is a post-apocalyptic tale based on a group of survivors who take refuge in the mighty Dover Castle in south east England.

The Dream Makers (series), Book 1: The Seven Kingdoms

Word count: 140,000. Target: less! Genre: High Fantasy

This is my major work, and the first of six book in the series. In truth, it is two series of three books each; the first series tells the story of the beginning of Dreams, and the second series is set in the present day.

Not a writing award,
just the UEFA Cup
It's 30,000BC and the first Dream ever Dreamed suddenly & incomprehensible finds its target. Orixe, a loner, a lost and hurt soul wondering the prairies of ice-aged Europe is so shocked by what he Dreams that he jolts out of his unplanned-for siesta and wakes up in a freezing cold river. 

The Dream (with a capital D) subsequently destroys his sleep-filled, lonely nights; the long and empty sleep of long ago now replaced by fear of a return of the weird images. He eventually decides that they must have been sent to him for a reason. 

He chooses to seek the reason behind the Dream, and sets off with his only living friend - a wolf cub, meeting some interesting characters along the way.

His journey ends in tragedy, whilst he himself is tasked to do the impossible. History starts that day with Orixe, a history mankind has yet to discover, despite being right at the heart of it.

The Dream Makers (series), Book 2: The High King

Summary coming...

The Dream Makers (series), Book 3: The Dream Factory

Summary coming...

The Dream Makers (series 2, present day), Book 1: The Shadow Prince

This is my Dream book, the one I can't wait to write and release. This second series of The Dream Makers could be something special. I actually started this book many years ago as the first book in the series of six. It was only whilst trying to write about the history of the Dream-Makers for the reader that I realised the history lesson was a book in itself.
So I started book one in the series, and will have to return to this one once I have written the preceding three books! By then, I'm hoping to have passed my 'million words of crap' so that I can really make this book into something special!

The Dream Makers (series 2, present day), Book 2: The ****

Summary coming...

The Dream Makers (series 2, present day), Book 3: The ****

Summary coming...

The Humptybackcrocodillopig Returns (Plus books 2-5)

Wip. Word count: approx 2000. Target: 3-4000. Genre: Children's Literature (Modern Fantasy) Traditional publishing.

Kicking the Cans

Genre: Humorous autobiography
My childhood, from birth to adulthood, with all of its unbelievable events, dead rabbits, poverty and near-misses.

The Dragon on the Balcony

Genre: Children's Modern Fantasy.

Insideout (working title)

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy (story still whizzing around my head)

Thanks for your interest!


  1. An interesting premise! I'd love to hear more about what the story entails as far as plot and characters? Will there be any nightmares? The Seven Kingdoms sounds like it should be a series..oh and I very much disagree, my dog's dreams are very real. They make him bark, growl and twitch!!!

  2. Hi Lee. Of course your dogs Dreams are real, it would be wrong of me to say otherwise! The thing is, those Dreams are experiments - the ones sent by apprentices under supervision. Naturally, some are brilliant and some are crap but the creators enjoy seeing the end result. If Mutley does do that, it pays for the student Dream-Sender. Got it?

    As for Nightmares? Created by a group of brilliant Dream-students for a laugh and to prove a point, by-passing the latest filters, but it got out of hand. Now they are being used to bring down mankind...

  3. Hi Diem,

    Very interesting bio. Good luck on your WIP's. There's light at the end of the tunnel, or so they tell me. ;)


    1. Thanks Richard, I know there is! It's just such a loooong tunnel and the pessimist is always listening out for the train!
      However, I am an optimist and I can feel the breeze on my face.
      Thanks for commenting.


Thank you!

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