Diem the pilot

On my Twitter profile I describe myself as an 'Englishman, lost in Spain', but it hasn't always been that way. I was lost long before I came to live in Spain.

I was the first in my family who was expected to go to university, so I didn't. I ran away and joined the British army instead. I ran away from that six years later, becoming a cop on the streets of the beautiful city of Cambridge for twelve years. Staying true to myself, I finally ran away once more, this time as far as Spain, where I have been teaching English since 2003, whilst fighting the urge to run away yet again.

Combining my artistic yearnings with teaching this beautiful language led me to an obvious hobby: an artistic outlet through the written word. So in 2012 I finally published my first ebook, a book which has surprised me with its success ever since. Three more books were added to the series before life took over and I stopped writing for a few years.

Now, in 2020, I intend on becoming a full-time writer from September and adding a number of books to those already published, in the hope of becoming a professional writer in due course.

Once I get all of these books that are floating around inside of my head out and available in print, I'll finally settle down in one place.


I seriously believe in my ability to write numerous books to a high standard and to sell them. I want to become  a professional writer in various genres and a successful author. My aim is to succeed and I'm so happy to have you here, reading this bio, as that means I am doing something right.

Thank you for your support.



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