Diem Burden | author
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Diem Burden | author

Diem Burden is the pen-name of writer David M Burden, of Uttoxeter, in the British Midlands.

His first series of short stories (The Rozzers series) were published as ebooks, and immediately hit the number one spot in numerous categories on numerous platforms.

He is currently hard at work writing his first novel (The Listening Room), which will then be followed by another fifteen (?) novels!

Diem is learning the craft as he goes along, and his objective has always been to publish his books to the same high standard as any professionally published book on the market.

He'd love it if you signed up to his newsletter to support him in his endeavours, and to learn a little bit more about him. As an enticement, he'll give you an exclusive prequel to The Rozzers series, an ebook that cannot be bought anywhere on the planet.


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A good read and well written. Having served for 30 years its is as near an honest story as you can get ...

Robert Stewart

Great. Loved it. ​Everyone likes to read about cops. Even cops themselves.

Jonathan Nicholas - Author

A lot better than a lot of cop books I've read ...

B Gee

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