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At the end of 2020, Diem's world fell apart with the unexpected death of his brother, followed immediately by the breakup of his 20-year marriage. Suddenly alone, he spent the first half of 2021 sinking into an ever-deeper pit of depression. He could see no future ahead of him.


In July, a stranger from the US walked into his local café in his tiny adopted Spanish village, and his life began to change in the most unexpected and oddest of ways, starting with that first meeting. Over the next three-months, she gently guided him as he fought against the unexpected and hard to believe events, refusing to accept what was happening to him and around him.


By September, he could resist no more and gave in to God. He now has a personal relationship with Jesus, yet he describes himself as non-religious.


He believes God called him to write a book — this book: Come to the Table. This is the result of Diem's encounter with God, a story supported and corroborated by many of the people who witnessed what happened to him that summer.

  • He wasn't looking for God - why look for something that doesn't exist?

  • He wasn't depressed when God called him by name.

  • Nobody was allowed to talk to him about God.

So what happened that would make him change his strong atheist beliefs in just three months? Come to the Table is truly a modern-day miracle.


I now invite you to Come to the Table.

Diem Burden is an award winning English author from Uttoxeter in the British Midlands, who now lives in Spain.

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