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Diem Burden is an award-winning British author.

Diem Burden is the penname of David Mark Burden (DM Burden), a single, 57-year-old Brit who has lived in Spain since 2001.

In 2020 (that awful year of Covid), I retired from running my own business and pursued a writing career, having already published a series of books about my life as a police officer in the UK.

It was whilst finishing up my first novel that a storm of immense magnitude slammed into my life, completely uprooting me and ultimately leading this uncompromising, lifelong atheist to discovering God.

From that moment on, everything changed in my life (and is still changing), including my books!

My current work in progress (GET UP & WALK) is a series of short ebooks of my journeys on the Camino de Santiago (Way of St James) pilgrimage walk across Spain. Each edition covers one week of walking along the largest of the caminos (el Camino Francés), but, unlike any other book about the way, these books each cover a different action plan to help me grasp my newfound faith. I'm also aiming to release them as audio books.

I'm often found around my adopted Spanish village of Viana.

Watch this space!

Come to the Table book by Diem Burden
Get Up And Walk cover Book Two v2 (hi-res)-2_edited.jpg
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