The Rozzers series


The Rozzers is a collection of five (shortish) ebooks written as memoirs of my time as a cop in Cambridge in the UK during the 1990s, a time of great change in the British police service and society in general.

The 5 books will shortly be published as one book (The Rozzers, The Collection) and made available as both an ebook and a (POD) print book.

Part 1 (ebook) is permanently free, so why not give it a try! It tells the story of a traumatic day in the army I'd rather forget, when death and serious injury came out of nowhere.  The events of that day made a lasting impression on that young soldier, resulting in him becoming a cop.

Each subsequent book recalls the various stages of my career:  the excitement and feelings of being out on patrol under supervision; the thrill and fear of finally going it alone; the satisfaction and capabilities of the experienced cop; the massive change of pace as a patrol sergeant and the inconsiderate and self-serving politics of police management, and the sudden termination of my police career.

A good read and well written. Having served for 30 years its is as near an honest story as you can get ...

Robert Stewart

Great. Loved it. ​Everyone likes to read about cops. Even cops themselves.

Jonathan Nicholas - Author

A lot better than a lot of cop books I've read ...

B Gee

    Out now!
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