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Here you'll find my non-police books.

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End of the Road
Book cover Come to the Table by Diem Burden

Come to the Table

ISBN: 978-1739585303

*Silver Medal Winner, Inscription Christian Book Awards (ICBA)*

When God shows up, there's nothing you can do about it.

Diem didn't know what a 'Road to Damascus' type of event was until after it happened to him.

This is the remarkable true story of how a lifelong, ardent atheist, who absolutely hated anything to do with religion, encounters God, much to his surprise. He held out for three months, but God won in the end.

"You danced until my heart woke up..." - Maverick City Music

This is a story of immeasurable love, of enduring forgiveness, and of total redemption. It is a story of remarkable change in one unsuspecting man's life. It is the greatest love story ever told, and it is a love story that is happening every single day.

ICBA 2023 Winners medka Diem Burden Come to the Table
Get Up and Walk 1 ebook by Diem Burden

Get Up and Walk (#1)

Saint Jean Pied de Port to Viana

In 2022, Diem returns to Roncesvalles at the foot of the Spanish Pyrenees to continue his walk along the Camino de Santiago, just as he and his best friend had hoped to do the year before. 

God, however, had other ideas.

Having experienced a 'Road to Damascus' type event months earlier, the former lifelong atheist is rapidly changing. Diem intends to trek for a week across Navarra, heading to his hometown on the camino. But in place of his friend, Diem would walk hand in hand with God.

Diem's plan is to let Jesus lead. He won't plan anything at all, and aims to walk in the faith that God will provide for him. This is his story.


Part one of a five-book series of week-long walks along the entire Camino Francés in Spain, each with a different action plan with God.

Get Up And Walk 2 ebook by Diem Burden

Get Up and Walk (#2)

Viana to Burgos

In March 2023, Diem sets off from home in Viana to continue his pilgrimage across Spain to Santiago.

Intending to camp along the way, Diem walks with a new action plan to help take him out of his comfort zone: to pray over people he meets along the way.


Continuing to let God lead him, Diem experiences yet another week of amazing events on the Camino de Santiago, arriving in Burgos on Good Friday, just in time for the Easter celebrations.

(Book 3 will be Burgos to Leon)            


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