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End of the Road
Come to the Table


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*Won Silver Award in IBCA*


  • He wasn't looking for God — why would you search for something that doesn't exist?

  • He wasn't depressed and therefore 'vulnerable'.

  • Nobody convinced him — he would run away from anybody who merely mentioned the name Jesus. He was having none of it!

So how did the author come to discover that Jesus was actually real and alive, after living for 55 years as an avowed and blunt atheist? Why did his complete belief system crumble over a three-month period in the summer of 2021?

In the preface, the author states he is not simply a 'believer' in God, he is a 'knower.' He met God personally, and that is what it would have taken to convince him of the truth, and that is precisely what happened.

This is the remarkable, miraculous and true story of God's love for a lost soul, for a man with a hopeless and uncertain future, a man who was, in fact, God's enemy.

It is a story of immense love, of unremitting forgiveness, and of total redemption. It is a story of a remarkable change in one man's life.

It is the greatest love story ever told, and it is a love story that is happening every single day.

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