The first baby is the most difficult to bring into this world. I wanted my baby to be perfect, without issue, one to be proud of and not to bring me complaint after complaint. So I worked hard on End of the Road, my first book. I wanted it to be notable, professional and well-received. From the feedback I've received so far I think I've achieved that. I can't please all the people all the time, but then I know that and I'm not trying to. 

It's free, an offering to get you to download and read it, and to judge for yourself. And if you like what you read, my other books are there to be bought at a very reasonable price.

Give it a try and maybe discover a new author...


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End of the Road


Imagine a routine day out turning into a real nightmare, full of death and serious injury. Imagine it happening in an isolated spot and of having no means of contacting the emergency services. You, alone, and people screaming for your help. What would you do? Would you cope?

This is a short story of just such a day in the life of young British soldier Diem Burden. His life was at a crossroads: his military career rapidly coming to an end with no idea of what to do post-army. With a new family to support, pressure was mounting on him to find a way forward - and soon.

Returning back to camp after an idyllic day out, the squaddie is thrown into a horrifying tragedy which tests the man in him. Whilst trying to cope with the trauma of that dreadful event, a seed is quietly planted which, with a slight bit of nurturing, leads Diem along a certain path.

Warning: Contains strong language and graphic descriptions of death and injury. You've been warned!

Cops Don't Run


Policing the streets of the UK in the 1990s was possibly one of the most challenging, complex, tiring, dangerous, overly-criticized and underrated jobs a young man could have chosen to do. It certainly wasn't for everyone!

Swapping his army-greens for police-blues, ex-soldier Diem Burden chooses to do just that, initially suspecting he has joined 'just another army'. All that changes however, once he is let loose on the unsuspecting public that make up the beautiful British university city of Cambridge. From mad axe-men to heart-breaking agony messages, the new probationer samples everything that cops routinely face, whilst infamously making police college history along the way.

This story is part TWO of THE ROZZERS series. Follow Constable Burden as he embarks on his new police career. Walk with him as he discovers another world, one only ever seen by those brave enough to put on a police uniform. Share his fears, his shock, and his heartache as he is guided through the myriad of jobs he will be expected to deal with as a solo cop, if he can just make it through his first few memorable months as a trainee.

Warning: Contains strong language and graphic descriptions of death and injury. Seriously, it does!

One for the Road


Training can never fully prepare you for life as a cop. Ever.

Having completed his initial training, rookie police officer PC 424 Burden has been authorised for solo patrol, and nervously takes to the streets of the beautiful university city of Cambridge to learn how to police the streets alone, to arrest crooks and to try and make his mark, often with hilarious, sometimes terrifying and occasionally heart-breaking results.

ONE FOR THE ROAD shows you the highs and lows of patrolling Britain's unpredictable streets in a short yet entertaining read.

Warning: Contains strong language and graphic descriptions of death and injury. Naturally.

Thief Taker


The best part of being a cop is in this book.

With police college a distant memory, Constable Burden quickly becomes one of the most experienced officers on his shift. Just a handful of years separate that awkward, nervous rookie from the professional he has become, and as he revels in his new undeclared status, the variety of incidents he has to face on a daily basis just continues to grow!

Patrol alongside Constable Burden through the streets of Cambridge as he deals with the terrifying, tragic and often unbelievable events that a small British university town can somehow manage to conjure up out of nowhere.

Then maybe, just maybe, you'll understand why cops love being cops...

Cop Out


The fifth and final part of The Rozzers series is due for release 29th February 2020. It is currently available to preorder as an ebook on Amazon.  (Click here)

PC Burden finally passes his promotion exams and gets bumped to sergeant, and then has to decide if he is 'on the Chief's train or not...' 


Meanwhile, a beautiful woman walks into his jacuzzi and things begin to heat up, resulting in a completely new and unexpected path opening up for him.

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