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Flying back into my writing - at last!

I was stunned to see that my last book was published in 2015! It's now 2020 and that huge gap of five years (or is it four?) of not writing anything has really surprised me, hurt me even. Where does the time go??

So, this year I will be reaching a mature 55 years of age which means I'll be in the very fortunate position of being able to afford to retire for at least a few years. That's right, a few years.

In September, I won't be returning to my day job but staying at home to write full time. Now I'd just like to make one thing clear here and that is I will NOT be becoming a house-husband (my dear wife...), rather I will be working from home!

Diem learning to fly over Cambridge, UK (2001)

My intention during that time is to work flat out at writing my next 15 or so books, catching up with all the latest technological advances and learning once again how to promote and market my books, both ebooks and POD print books.

I hope that in due course I'll be able to make a living from my writing.

Of course, I'll tidy up a bit, play with the dogs and maybe take the odd siesta in summer.

And if I can't make it work, then it'll be back into the classroom eventually but I rather think I might just fly!

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