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Need more vegetables in Spain? Try Gazpacho!

Many people worry about the lack of vegetables provided with typical Spanish meals, and it can be a shock to the system for some people. In many cultures, veg comes on the plate with the main meal.

A typical set meal in Spain is 3 courses, and the vegetables usually come in the first course. The second (main course) might be a steak with chips/fries, and a dressing of side pepper (and no other vegetables). If, like me, you just order a main course meal off the menu (such as a steak), you may well lack your daily consumption of vegetables.

Meat and fries.
Typical main course meal: meat and chips/fries. No veg?

So here is a possible solution to help you top up on those all-important vegetables.


This is a traditional Spanish dish which is similar to soup, only it is served chilled, which is ideal in the hot Spanish sun. It is highly refreshing, nutritious and delicious. Typical ingredients include tomato, peppers, cucumber, onion, garlic and lemon, along with olive oil and vinegar, and of course, salt.

Gazpacho: Gluten free & suitable for vegans.

Available in most cafes and bars in Spain, as well as from all supermarkets and stores. It makes an ideal light (and cheap) lunch, and goes well with some delicious Spanish bread. Seriously, it is hard to find a bad Gazpacho!

Gazpacho and bread – my go to Spanish lunch throughout the hot Spanish summer!

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