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Are you losing your identity as an eBook author when compared to a print-book author?

One of the most accepted differences between an eBook and a print book, for authors, is that it is possible to have your name and book title at the bottom of every page in a print book. This helps with brand recognition, obviously - people are more likely to remember your name in the future after seeing it at the bottom of so many pages, and that can only help to sell more of your books, right?

But in an eBook, when do they see your name? Not at the bottom of each page because an eBook doesn't have fixed pages, so there is no way of adding such information, so we just forget about it, right?

What we do is naively put it in the front matter and back matter only, and move on. And that's it! And that is a lost opportunity for you, as an indie-author, to bang your name into the heads of people reading your eBooks.

So I'll tell you what you can do to help promote all of that hard-work you've put into making it as an author so far.

One little trick that I've picked up over the years is to add, at the end of each chapter, a small reminder of whose book they are reading and what it is called.

That way, when your reader says to a friend, "Oh, I read a great book last weekend,' and they ask, "Oh? What was the book called and who was it written by?" they won't say, "You know what, I don't recall."

With my little trick they might just remember who YOU are.

Do something like this and cut and paste it into the end of each chapter.

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