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Award-winning author available for after-dinner speeches on the Camino de Santiago, Spain.

More and more people are doing the Camino de Santiago (Way of St James) in larger, organised tours. They usually stop overnight at designated places where they have meals together, often booking a dining room just for them. It is during such meals that an excellent opportunity arises for guest speakers to attend.

I live in Viana, Navarra (on the camino francés), and I'm a British native speaker. I am accustomed to speaking to large groups of people and I have a remarkable story to share, which certain groups might like to hear of, whilst on the camino.

It is the story of how a 55-year, obstinate atheist, was found by God, over a three-month period, along the Camino de Santiago in Navarra, Spain. It was my 'road to Damascus' moment.

It is a truly remarkable story, and one that I love sharing. As an author, I could also offer signed copies of the book of my story.

If you are interested in hearing my tale, and would like me to speak at one of your gatherings whilst on your pilgrimage, please contact me for further details.

A gathering on the Camino de Santiago
Speaking at a gathering on the Camino de Santiago, Easter Sunday, 2021

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