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My 'Road to Damascus' moment on the Camino de Santiago

OK, I wasn't actually walking the camino frances, but I live in a village on the camino, and spend a lot of time on it and I'm constantly involved with services to pilgrims.

  • One routine evening in 2021, really strange things began to happen to me and around me.

  • My life began filling up with dozens of new friends, all of whom 'followed Jesus.'

  • Two weeks later, a supernatural event happened to me near to the free wine fountain.

  • Over the next 3 months, events in my life became inexplicable to me.

  • My 55 years of avid atheism withstood the onslaught for as long as was possible.

  • I change beyond belief. Below are two pictures from that time. One is BC, the other AD.

Above: Diem Burden, 6 months apart.

The complete story of what happened to me that summer is available in my award-winning book, Come to the Table. Complete with input from many of those involved, stunning photographs and extracts from the journal of witnesses.

This book will bring tears to your eyes and, quite possibly, change your life forever.

Winner Silver Award Badge, ICBA.
Winner Silver Award, ICBA.

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