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Obsessed with checking your book downloads? Yeah, me too, so get this nifty little free app!

GetBook Report screenshot

Like any writer and indie author, you too are constantly checking for new downloads of your babies, every. Single. Hour. I know you do, and I know I do, and I've just found this great free browser extension, and suggest you get it too.

Seriously, this is amazing. Once downloaded, you need to give it permission to access Author Central at Amazon (once only), and then when you open it, you are presented with so much information which you can curate to your liking:

  1. Total earnings from all books

  2. Today's earnings

  3. Units per month

  4. Free units or paid units

  5. Units/earnings by book

  6. Earnings by marketplace

  7. Track your ranking and reviews (although I've never been able to set this part up, but it is new)

With the ability to change and view so much information, such as figures, percentages, pie charts, bar charts etc, you have so much control and ability to see the progress of your book sales, as they come in, in a very visual and clear way. You even have the option to hear a 'ka-ching!' each time a book is sold, as long as you leave the app running. How cool is that?

Serious, getbookreport.

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